No One Knows My Invisible Life – Mirabai

No one knows my invisible life. 


and madness for Rama. 

Our wedding bed is high up 

in the gallows. 

Meet him? 

If the dark healer comes, 

we’ll negotiate the hurt. 

I love the man who takes care 

of cows. The cowherd. 

Cowherd and dancer. 

My eyes are drunk, 

worn out from making love 

with him. We are one. 

I am now his dark color. 

People notice me, point fingers at me. 

They see my desire, 

since I’m walking about like a lunatic. 

I’m wiped out, gone. 

Yet no one knows I live with my prince, 

the cowherd. 

The palace can’t contain me. 

I leave it behind. 

I couldn’t care less about gossip 

or my royal name. 

I’ll be with him 

in all his gardens. 

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