To Rosa  – Abraham Lincoln

You are young, and I am older; 

You are hopeful, I am not – 

Enjoy life, ere it grow colder – 

Pluck the roses ere they rot. 
Teach your beau to heed the lay – 

That sunshine soon is lost in shade – 

That now’s as good as any day – 

To take thee, Rosa, ere she fade.

Poem – Love Of Jerusalem -Yehuda Amichai 

There is a street where they sell only red meat 

And there is a street where they sell only clothes and perfumes. And there 

is a day when I see only cripples and the blind 

And those covered with leprosy, and spastics and those with twisted lips. 
Here they build a house and there they destroy 

Here they dig into the earth 

And there they dig into the sky, 

Here they sit and there they walk 

Here they hate and there they love. 
But he who loves Jerusalem 

By the tourist book or the prayer book 

is like one who loves a women 

By a manual of sex positions. 

Translated by Benjamin and Barbara Harshav

Poem – The Little Park Planted – Yehuda Amichai

The little park planted in memory of a boy 

who fell in the war begins 

to resemble him 

as he was twenty eight years ago. 

Year by year they look more alike. 

His old parents come almost daily 

to sit on a bench 

and look at him. 
And every night the memory in the garden 

hums like a little motor. 

During the day you can’t hear it.

Poem – Tourists – Yehuda Amichai

Visits of condolence is all we get from them. 

They squat at the Holocaust Memorial, 

They put on grave faces at the Wailing Wall 

And they laugh behind heavy curtains 

In their hotels. 

They have their pictures taken 

Together with our famous dead 

At Rachel’s Tomb and Herzl’s Tomb 

And on Ammunition Hill. 

They weep over our sweet boys 

And lust after our tough girls 

And hang up their underwear 

To dry quickly 

In cool, blue bathrooms.