Poem – The Female – Taslima Nasrin

In the instinct of no-creature-of-Nature 

the birth of a female is considered undesirable. 

Only humans consider it strange. 

Since she has been born, 

let her stay in an obscure corner of her home 

and learn to survive. 

Keep your hair in a tight knot. 

Don’t let your eyes wander here and there. 

Hide carefully your swelling breasts. 

Women, we know, need to be kept in chains. 

At best they can be allowed 

to move about in the precincts of the home, that’s all. 

Men look for fresh virgins 

so they can maul and tear them, 

some on the plea of love, 

some of marriage. 

The tight smooth skin is full of wrinkles. 

The menstruation pain is gone forever. 

The thread of the tale told again has snapped. 

We are well rid of nuisance. 

In the instinct of no-creature-of-Nature 

is the death of a female so desirable.

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