Poem – Sound Celestial – Goswami Tulsidas

Listen, O friend, to the thunderous roar of Shabd, 
Which reverberates throughout the firmament. 

Water, which becomes turbid by relishing the earth, 

Gets cleansed of its impurities when filtered. 

Waves of pure bliss emanate from the heart 

When the moss that covers it is removed. 
Hold the arrow, be still, stretch the bow taut, 

Fix your aim sharp at the target, pierce the firmament. 

The invisible world is contained within the human eye, 

So say and describe all men of inner knowledge. 

Behold the Brahmand within, through your astral eye. 

When that eye is opened, everything stands revealed. 
The soul in Sunn will hear resounding peals of Sound, 

She will uncover and know the essence of Shabd. 
They alone, O Tulsi, will know that perfect state, 

Who have seen and experienced it themselves. 

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