Poem – To Lady Mary Wortley Montagu – Alexander Pope.


In beauty, or wit, 

No mortal as yet 

To question your empire has dared: 

But men of discerning 

Have thought that in learning 

To yield to a lady was hard. 

Impertinent schools, 

With musty dull rules, 

Have reading to females denied; 

So Papists refuse 

The Bible to use, 

Lest flocks should be wise as their guide. 

‘Twas a woman at first 

(Indeed she was curst) 

In knowledge that tasted delight, 

And sages agree 

The laws should decree 

To the first possessor the right. 

Then bravely, fair dame, 

Resume the old claim, 

Which to your whole sex does belong; 

And let men receive, 

From a second bright Eve, 

The knowledge of right and of wrong. 

But if the first Eve 

Hard doom did receive, 

When only one apple had she, 

What a punishment new 

Shall be found out for you, 

Who tasting, have robb’d the whole tree?

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