Poem – What Cannot Be Said – Mirza Ghalib 

There’s one who took my heart away. But does she own it? I can’t say. 
See her as unjust though I may, 

Is she a tyrant? I can’t say. 
She strides a bloodless battlefield 

Where there’s no battle-axe to wield. 
She keeps a wineless banquet-hall 

Where there’s no bowl to raise at all. 
Although she serves wine ceaselessly, 

Her fingers bring no cup to me. 
Her idol-carving hand is sure, 

But you cannot call her Azer 
When riots quiet down, why must 

You brag of ousting the unjust? 
There will be nothing you can say 

Of the unjust on Judgment Day. 
Within the breast the secret lies 

Which none can ever sermonize. 
How strange a thing it is that throws 

The mind askew till no one knows 
How I Ghalib am no believer 

But can’t be called unfaithful either. 

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