Poem – Two Birds: A Dialogue – Mao Zedong 

The roc wings fanwise,

 Soaring ninety thousand li 

And rousing a raging cyclone. 

The blue sky on his back, he looks down 

To survey Man’s world with its towns and cities. 

Gunfire licks the heavens, 

Shells pit the earth. 

A sparrow in his bush is scared stiff.. 

‘This is one hell of a mess! 

O I want to flit and fly away.’ 

‘Where, may I ask?’ 

The sparrow replies, 

‘To a jewelled palace in elfland’s hills. 

Don’t you know a triple pact was signed 

Under the bright autumn moon two years ago? 

There’ll be plenty to eat, 

Potatoes piping hot, 

Beef-filled goulash.’ 

‘Stop your windy nonsense! 

Look, the world is being turned upside down.’

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