Poem – Bibhishan’s Departure – Valmiki

This to me Bibhishan answered, as with fiery comrades four, Rose in arms the wrathful Raksha and in fury rushed before. 
‘But I spare thee, roval Ravan, angry words thy lips have passed, 

False and lying and unfounded is the censure thou hast cast! 
True Bibhishan sought thy safety, strove to save his elder’s reign,- 

Speed thee now to thy destruction since all counsel is in vain, 
Many are thy smiling courtiers who with honeyed speech beguile,- 

Few are they with truth and candour speak their purpose void of guile! 
Blind to reason and to wisdow, Ravan seek thy destined fate, 

For thy impious lust of woman, for thy dark unrighteous hate, 
Blind to danger and destruction, deaf to word of counsel given, 

By the flaming shaft, of Rama thou shalt die by will of Heaven! 
Yet, O! yet, my king and elder, let me plead with latest breath, 

‘Gainst the death of race and kismen, ‘gainst my lord and brother’s death, 
Ponder yet, O Raksha monarch, save thy race and save thy own, 

Ravan, part we now ever,-guard thy ancient sea-girt throne!’

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