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नेपाली कथा – सिंह र खरायो

कुनै ठाउँमा एउटा ठूलो वन थियो । वनमा बाघ, सिंह, भालु, हात्ती, गैंडा, खरायो, जरायो, बाँदर आदि थिए । सिंहचाहिँ वनको राजा थियो । सिंहले मनपरी ढङ्गले वनका जनावर मारेर खान्थ्यो । एकदिन सबै जनावर एकै ठाउँमा भेला भए । … Continue reading

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Poem – Chewing Slowly – Kabir 

Chewing slowly,  Only after I’d eaten My grandmother,  Mother,  Son-in-law,  Two brothers-in-law,  And father-in-law  (His big family included)  In that order,  And had for dessert  The town’s inhabitants,  Did I find, says Kabir,  The beloved that I’ve become  One with.

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Poem – When the Day came  – Kabir 

The Day I had lived and died for –  The Day that is not in any calendar –  Clouds heavy with love  Showered me with wild abundance.  Inside me, my soul was drenched.  Around me, even the desert grew green.

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