Poem – The Book Of Urizen

William  Blake  28 Nov 1757 – 12 Aug 1827  London

William Blake
28 Nov 1757 – 12 Aug 1827 London

Chapter Vi

  1. But Los saw the Female & pitied
    He embrac’d her, she wept, she refus’d
    In perverse and cruel delight
    She fled from his arms, yet he followd

  2. Eternity shudder’d when they saw,
    Man begetting his likeness,
    On his own divided image.

  3. A time passed over, the Eternals
    Began to erect the tent;
    When Enitharmon sick,
    Felt a Worm within her womb.

  4. Yet helpless it lay like a Worm
    In the trembling womb
    To be moulded into existence

  5. All day the worm lay on her bosom
    All night within her womb
    The worm lay till it grew to a serpent
    With dolorous hissings & poisons
    Round Enitharmons loins folding,

  6. Coild within Enitharmons womb
    The serpent grew casting its scales,
    With sharp pangs the hissings began
    To change to a grating cry,
    Many sorrows and dismal throes,
    Many forms of fish, bird & beast,
    Brought forth an Infant form
    Where was a worm before.

  7. The Eternals their tent finished
    Alarm’d with these gloomy visions
    When Enitharmon groaning
    Produc’d a man Child to the light.

  8. A shriek ran thro’ Eternity:
    And a paralytic stroke;
    At the birth of the Human shadow.

  9. Delving earth in his resistless way;
    Howling, the Child with fierce flames
    Issu’d from Enitharmon.

  10. The Eternals, closed the tent
    They beat down the stakes the cords
    Stretch’d for a work of eternity;
    No more Los beheld Eternity.

  11. In his hands he seiz’d the infant
    He bathed him in springs of sorrow
    He gave him to Enitharmon.

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