English Poem – My Mother Is Full Of Kisses – John Chizoba Vincent

When she gave birth to me, she welcomed
Me with kisses on my lips, cheek and body.
She gives me a kiss when I make Her proud in the Public eyes.
A kiss when I wake up in the morning;
A kiss when I go to bed.
A kiss when i burn my fingers and cry;
A kiss when I bump my head and weep.
A kiss when my bath is over
A kiss when I appreciate her dimples
A kiss When I tells her she cooks well
A kiss when she sees my report card
A kiss when I eat her food and smile
A kiss when I tell her ‘Mummy I love you’
A kiss on my birthday, a kiss on a shopping
A kiss when the world clashes on me
A kiss under the life pleasure,
Though I may be an adult, but I am not
in mother’s eyes, even in my wife’s face
She always leave a rewarding kisses on
My face through her smiling lips.
The sea is blue, The grass is green
The sun is yellow, The Sky is blue
But mother’s kisses are as white as the snow
My mother is as full of kisses
As a teacher is full of books

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