English Poem – Goodbye My Son – Noreen Carden

The wire you ordered came today.
I stacked it by the garden gate.
Standing under the arc of a rainbow.
In your big raincoat snuggled safe.
God knows you’re in my head.
The dog whines knowing you are gone.
Twice today I heard your favourite song.
I check the phone in the hall.
Way too early for your call.
My powers of persuasion didn’t work.
To beg you stay I had no right.
So I drove you there to catch your flight.
I cant believe sun shone that day.
All my colours are washed away.
You are a carpenter building a bridge to go.
While the tattered ribbons of my heart dangle.
My tears fall as a stream.
In which I sift the foggy ashes of my dreams.

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