Global Warming is Real

There is a problem, one which we cannot ignore. We must recognize this as a first step in coming up with solutions and bringing about change. Still, there are entities masquerading behind false pretenses that cultivate climate skepticism. Climate skepticism is a propaganda which states that global warming is nothing but natural, and that the human race has nothing to do with it whatsoever! They try to prove using elaborate schemes that climate change is a scam, and discredit with bogus scientific findings those which are true and verifiable discoveries. One of the latter, however, expels any more doubts that humans are not at all liable to the anomalous changes in the environment, and this is the discovery of the CFC-generated hole in the ozone layer. Governments and corporations with a lot at stake cover up this ugly truth by planting uncertainties and circulating false information among the general population.

And then, there are those people who are in complete denial or are simply oblivious to the rampant and seemingly unstoppable chain reaction of the climate change phenomenon, and to the fact that it is man-made. Isn’t the Earth hot enough? Aren’t polar ice caps melting fast enough? Isn’t desertification obvious enough for these people? Guess not. Living life as if it was their own, caring for nothing else but their pathetic, borrowed lives. Never did it occur to them that there are other creatures – people, plants and animals – that coexist with them. A grim future awaits the younger generations as a consequence of their actions – and inactions.

We are all responsible, whether we admit it or not. We are accountable for the damages we continuously and carelessly impose upon the Earth. Nature has means of restoring and repairing itself, much like a wound that the body heals. But too much is too much. Man-made disruptions on Nature have finally taken its toll and are coming back to haunt us. We must accept the truth and do something now! We must think with a worldwide perspective and act with renewed optimism in our own communities.

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