Abortion gives the mother an option not to have a baby if she doesn’t chooses not to have one. In some cases, abortions can save the life of the mother. Poor families greatly benefit from abortions. For those still in school, abortions give teenagers a normal life, and would help them succeed in school. These are reasons why abortions are good for the American Society. Abortions can save the life of the woman because a baby could cause a great health risk to the mother. This risk involves death, or permanent damage to the female. An abortion should be performed at this point because the death of a fetus is better than the death of the mother. A woman is a full person, while the fetus is not. Once the fetus has been removed, and there’s no more risk to the mother. Then, she can try an have another baby if she wishes. Poor women are more likely to have more abortions than that of the middle, or upper class. Poor women don’t have the financial means to take care of the child, therefore abortions would help them. Also, a lot of the poor women already have children to take of, and adding one more would greatly burden the already financially troubled parent. Again, allowing them to have an abortion would help them. Once the fetus has been aborted, then the parents can concentrate on their other children.

Teenagers are more affected by having a baby these days than it would have been 100 years ago. There are more responsibilities for the average teenager, they have to study, work, and go to school for an entire day. This leaves almost no time to take care of a child. Also, the teenager would have to most likely support the child by herself. This alone is a greater responsibility than anything in her life. All her time would be put into taking care of the child, that she would have almost no time to study. The consequence of this is the teen dropping out of school, and not even getting a high school diploma or finishing her year in college. Without a high school diploma, the likeliness of the teen finding a job that offers other than minimum wage is slim. This could mean that she is almost living in poverty, and barely making it on her own. Let’s now consider that the father of the child is helping with the duties that come along with a baby. He would most likely be working minimum wage just trying to make ends meet. If he still attended school, than he would probably be getting poor grades. Then he would stuck in the same situation as the mother. Teenagers just don’t have the time or financial resources to care for a child. Even if they receive welfare, that’s really not enough to pay for the child

Since teens are going to have sex anyways, then they should be taught about it. Most schools do offer sex education programs to the students. Sex education is good because it teaches teens about sex, along with how to be safe. The class can also teach the teenagers about the consequences of having sex, or unsafe sex. Teaching students about sex can reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancy’s and reduce the chances of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. In these programs, using a condom is taught, and alternatives to it are discussed. But, the best way not to get pregnant, is to not have sex at all. If the mother was in grave danger from the unborn child, than I don’t think there’s anyway that the baby can be saved. Leaving the fetus in the mother could complicate the health of the mother. Her reproductive system could get damaged, and she could even die. If the baby were to get aborted, then she could try to have another one if she is ready.
Even though poor women are more likely to get abortions, they don’t necessarily need to have them done. There are other alternatives for the pregnant woman to turn to. They can give the baby up for adoption, or they can have the baby and go on welfare until they find a job. But, since the parents are poor, then it might be hard for them to even pay for the medical bills. Teenagers have many options that they could turn to. If the parents were willing, then they could take care of the child while their teen attended school. The mother of the could opt to give the baby up for adoption. This is a good alternative because it doesn’t leave any responsibilities to the teen. Plus the baby would be given to a couple that really wants to be parents.

In conclusion, abortion is good because poor women probably can’t afford a child. So, an abortion would be good for them. An abortion can help save the mother from harm, and possible death. It could allow a teenager to carry on with her normal life, without dealing with the hardships of taking care of a baby.

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