Town Planning in Nepal

The country named Nepal is a land locked country and is surrounded by Himalayas in the Northern parts and also rich in the field of natural beauties and also rich in agriculture as well.. India and china are your neighbor countries and they reach the highest level in development in all the sectors in compare to your country. The infrastructure is densely populated in city are in compare to remote villages.

On this matter the Government of Nepal should implement the strong laws as well as the rules and regulation and to be implemented by the public, if not then there will be a serious problem to the general public who are residing within the town itself. Now onwards if the Government of Nepal and the people must take care and should move forward for the better town planning and to live a luxurious life. As per the Government rules and regulations the building infrastructure should be build up and side by side we need to take care and maintain our natural beauties of greenery so if we can do the country will grow up with in a short period of time.

On the other hand the roads should be build up as the standards set up by the Government and the Road and Transport department and the traffic will follow smoothly and able to reach the destinations with in a short period of time. If not then there will be crowded everywhere and takes longer time what we the public do not accept it.

This helps in looking well planned and developed Nepal and sounds beautiful and looks beautiful.

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