Smoking of Tobacco

Tobacco smoking first started sometime in the 1400s. It was invented by natives in the Bahamas Islands. Instead of just pulling out a paper rolled cigarette, they had pipes. One end of the pipe was filled with burning tobacco leaves, while the other end of the pipe was where they inhaled the smoke. Many people all over the world today have been taken into this habit. Worldwide, there are approximately one billion smokers. This habit is extremely addicting because of a substance called nicotine found within each cigarette. Once a person is sucked into this dirty habit, it is hard for them to quit.

The smoke from a cigarette, consists of 100 million more harmful substances than the most polluted air. It also contains chemicals in it that many people don’t know of. Some of these chemicals include acetone (nail polish remover), ammonia (a household cleaner), cadmium (battery acid),and formaldehyde (preserves dead bodies). All of these chemicals are found in just one cigarette. These chemicals aggravate asthma and allergies by directly bothering the respiratory membranes. Because of this, it can trigger the production of excess mucus and cause sensitive airways in the lungs to tighten.

Tobacco smoking is the largest cause of death that can be prevented. Everyday, about a few thousand people die from this fatal death stick. This means that every eight seconds. This kills more people than the worst epidemic diseases. Tobacco even affects your physical appearance. It can make your skin wrinkled and older looking, cause your teeth to turn yellow, and give your breath and clothes a dingy odor. Researchers say that smokers who smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day live on an average of five years less than non-smokers. To look on the bright side, if smokers quit, it is possible that the damage done to the lungs can be repaired.

Cigarette smoke is so dangerous and so powerful that it can cause 17 different kinds of cancer. The cancer that is the most obvious and seen most often is lung cancer. Other places where cancer can sprout are in the throat, gullet, mouth, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, kidney and the bladder. Not only does tobacco smoke cause cancer, it can cause chronicle cough and bronchitis. However, tobacco smoke doesn’t only cause many harmful and fatal diseases, but it also influences things like asthma, angina, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and shiver. Inhaling the smoke does a lot of harm to both hearts and veins. The nicotine inside of cigarettes, which is the ingredient that makes them addicting, damages digestive organs because it demolishes the balance of acids in the stomach. For people whom already have asthma, active and passive smoking may worsen asthma attacks. For people with allergic rhinitis or hay fever, tobacco smoke may trigger or aggravate nasal symptoms.

The most dangerous time to smoke is when a women around you is pregnant or when you are pregnant yourself. The reason for this is that it the smoke can cause the baby to have birth defects. When the baby is born, it could weigh 150-250 grams less. The baby could even be born less developed. On a recent survey, it showed that women who smoke have more spontaneous abortions than the women who do not smoke do. For children, some evidence suggests that parental smoking may increase the risk of developing asthma. Also, children that are living with smokers have reduced lung function and increased school absences that are due to colds, bronchitis, and other conditions of the respiratory system.

In summary, tobacco smoking is an important health hazard. It is the largest cause of death that can be prevented. In 1995, over half a million deaths in the United States of America, and about two million deaths in all of the developed countries were contributed to smoking. People who smoke are not only affecting themselves, but the ones they love around them.

Overpopulation And The Environment

I believe that the number of humans that live on this planet is the main problem. We should develop new processes for stabilizing the current population. Overpopulation is becoming one of the most prominent problems facing human civilization. This complicated, pervasive issue is a problem of the utmost importance for the people of all the races, religions and nationalities. With our endless need of new information we should be able to develop unique process to end these problems.

Our planet now provides for approximately 5.8 billion people with projections of around 10 billion people by the end of the year 2050. Two billion of these are extremely poor, the poorest of which live in absolute poverty and misery. The affects of overpopulation on human society are numerous. Suffering from  a lack of resources, people are often driven to war when they became to populated for their available resources.

Increasing amounts of food, energy, water and shelter are required to fulfill the needs of today’s society. The amount of land required for food production will grow increasingly larger while the amount of available land will grow increasingly smaller. The resources required to maintain this rapid development is putting a strain on our current supplies of energy.

Much of our energy is derived from the burning of fossil fuels, releasing millions of tons of toxins into the atmosphere cause harm to the environment as well as those who live around these locations. Currently they are groups with the sole purpose of saving the environment. This mission to save the world is one that eventually all of us should get on board with. Because we as a society should be concerned about our future as well as the future of our children. After all we are only renting this planet from our children and we should look out for their best interests.  

Prevent Global Warming

The planet where human nature is having their homes for shelter, food and education is called by name Earth. These days the Earth is getting hotter and hotter on a daily basis as before thousand years ago and also difficult to blame for the activity of human nature.
There are many such things which we can give more effort to control and prevent from global warming. One method of controlling the global warming is recycling and helps in cleaning the surrounding of the whole universe. If people who are residing on Earth give up smoking as well as using the private vehicles that is cars the most and starts using the solar energy and rechargeable energy instead of fuels, can help in reducing the global warming.
On this matter Government is also keen interested in using the other source of energy which do not affect the human nature as well as the human beings that is in renewable energy which helps in reducing the green house gas and global warming. The oceans is also one of the source for the energy which provides sufficient amount of energy for our requirements and the smaller ones gives more in compare to old ones or current design. we can use the energy that is natural or man made ones.
On the other hand Government is also interested on wind powers energy and other renewable energy to combat the global warming and the green house gas. Turbine can produce 80 times on it’s operating hours to build, operate and dismantle. As per the public point of view wind power energy is good and the environment of the wind farms can be barred for development.

Cultural Environment

The invention of the television and its advancement through technology in our world has affected the cultural environment significantly. It has affected the way we act, perceive things, and even changed our lives as a whole. The cultural environment in today’s society is totally different from the time period before the invention of the television. First, the television has affected the pre-existing cultural institutions. Before the television was invented most of the children all over the world would play outside with their friends after school. Children would be playing ball in the streets, buying candy at the convenience store, and so on. Ever since the television was invented, more and more children are watching television rather than playing outside after school. In today’s society, it’s even worse since children are usually glued to the television all day. This eliminates their chance for some exercise and to meet new people. The invention of the television also has changed the meaning of family night. Back before the television, families used to come together one night a week to play board games and to socialize. Ever since the television was invented, less and less families come together to play games. If they do come together, it is usually in front of the television. This changes the meaning of family night because now families don’t socialize as much because they watch television.
This technology has also affected the way people see themselves and their place in the universe. Television has become such an integral part of society that people are confusing fantasy with reality. Violence seems to be in almost every television show in today’s society. This excessive violence makes society accustom to it and therefore people don’t believe violence is as bad as it is when it happens. “Although few anti-television activists would agree that excessive television viewing can exculpate a murderer, a huge body of evidence — including 3,000 studies before 1971 alone — suggests a strong connection between television watching and aggression” (Stossel 3). This is concrete proof that the television has changed people’s attitudes and the way they see themselves in society. Television has also changed people’s view of the world. Now with the television, people can get news from around the world everyday at almost any time. Before the television, people could only get the world news everyday from the newspaper. News from the television is also more current because the television makes it possible to get breaking news to the people whereas the newspaper can only report the news that happens before it is printed. People in today’s society can potentially have more knowledge about the world events due to the invention of the television. Television also gives people the opportunity to view other parts of the world. Without the television, people would not be able to see other parts of the world without travelling there. If they would read something about another part of the world, they could only imagine it in their minds. With the invention of the television, people could now see parts of the world that was not possible before without travelling around the world.
The invention of the television has changed society and the cultural environment dramatically. Ideas are now expressed differently, the world is seen in a new way, and pre-existing cultural institutions have been changed due to the integration of the television into society. There are both good and bad changes that have occurred due to the invention of the television, which is common of all technologies. There is no doubt that the television has changed the way people act and perceive things in society.

Advertising Analysis

We see them in the subways, bus stops, magazines, and television, but what do they mean? How do they manage to catch our attention? Advertisements often find ways to sell their products by psychologically manipulating people. The advertising industry makes us envious of others and convinces us to be unhappy with what we have. Steve Madden ads usually feature women with absurdly large heads and hourglass bodies which try to force the audience to wonder what the ad is about. One of these odd ads appears in the March/April 2001 issue of Twist Magazine. It features a young woman with a big head helplessly running, as an airplane zooms over her at an abandoned airport. There are three characteristics within the ad that contribute the whole idea that Steve Madden shoes, clothes and accessories will improve your self image. The main purpose of Steve Madden ads is to suggest to its viewers that they will feel good about themselves by wearing his products. The model’s big head conveys self-esteem and self-pride and she challenges the consumer to look as good as she does. The young woman wears a face of apprehension and is running away from her old self to start her new confident life with Steve Madden products. The sleek black leather jacket on top of a sexy white shirt, short enough to reveal her stomach and curvaceous hips together with her tight low rider blue jeans, black pointy high boots, and trendy black bag complete her fashionable outfit. The embellished woman’s physique is aimed to appeal to women and girls between the ages of 16 through 25 in search of funky, hip, sexy clothes.
Steve Madden likes to think of his clothes of as being distinctive and he illustrates his idea by setting an abandoned airport as the background for the ad. There is not a body in sight as the model runs across the old gum stained pavement. This calls attention to the idea that by wearing Steve Madden buyers isolate themselves from everyone else. She is too proud and conceited and cannot imagine being compared to anyone else. The Steve Madden logo in the ad also contributes to the main idea of the ad. It could have been anywhere on the page, why the sky? . Steve Madden ads always have their logos imprinted on the sky to imply that the “sky is the limit” with Steve madden products (Liza). Steve Madden’s use of the airplane flying across the model’s head are to let his consumers know that the only thing to stop them from accomplishing the look they have in mind is the limit the set upon themselves. Steve Madden will help its buyers attain the appearance they have always envisioned.
Furthermore, it can be said, in Bertrand Russell’s words that “Good advertisements will either make the audience envious of the lifestyle being advertised, or will generate within the audience the desire to be envied by others” (Harris). Many advertisers aren’t as successful but Steve Madden manages to persuade his buyers to buy his products through his eccentric ads.

The Lottery

All people are unique in their own ways, however have contradictory characteristics such as good and evil. Some people have a soul in which the good side is more dominant, and others have a more dominant bad side. The lottery is a way for the characters in the story to reveal the hidden evil of their souls.

One example of this is portrayed through the eagerness and the willingness to participate in the lottery. One of the characters says that they feel like its only been a few weeks since the last lottery, which gives the impression that the lottery is something to look forward to. This shows that the evil side of these people enjoys inflicting pain on others.

Mrs. Hutchinson was eager to get to the lottery herself. She shows the evil in her character by wishing the pain that she must live through, and perhaps even die as the outcome, on others. She does not want to accept the fact that she was chosen. Mrs. Hutchinson says that it is “not fair”, regarding the final results of the lottery. The lottery was something she looked forward to until the outcome of the lottery was forced upon her.

The entire population of the town participates in the tradition of the lottery. This shows that the whole community releases a part of their evil onto others. They are all eager to see someone beaten with rocks, however none of them want it to be them. Even the town’s children were involved in the savage ritual. After Tessie Hutchinson was chosen some of the towns children gave some pebbles to her son so he too could participate in the torture of his own mother. This horrible tradition is placed into the lives of the descendants of the town, so it is passed on from generation to generation. These people are taught to let the evil inside of them loose during the lottery.

The evil in the souls of the towns people is brought out during the lottery. It is more of an evil that is held in, rather than hidden. This evil comes out once a year for the lottery and takes over the mind and body of all of its participants, which makes them see this ritual as a normal tradition that has been kept alive for many years. Everyone has some evil in them, but the lottery gives people a chance to accentuate this evil and to let it loose.


Why do people walk down a busy city street ignoring others and not talking? Why are they ignorant to the homeless asking for change just to survive? And why do cross walk signs become life savers? I can tell you what’s wrong with these people, music. Music works wonders for anyone and everyone. There is no way around music. It is everywhere and playing at all times. From people blasting music with twelve inch sub woofers in their car driving past on the street to the proud parents of a newborn playing Beethoven and Mozart as it lies in its crib, you cannot avoid music. Every since I was little I would listen to music. The first music I remember listening to is country. My grand pap and I would go fishing early in the morning and he would play country music for the two hour trip up to Ruminating Lake then two hours back on the way home. I will not lie; his music put me asleep fast. After finding how soothing something music was, I would wake up for school and eat my cereal as I watch MTV or VH1. The songs would stick in my head and I would sing them all day long. I also realized that I was more awake during school.
Now that I am older I still do that same routine. I wake up and listen to music and walk out the door with a smile on my face and a rhythm to sooth my mind. As I am typing this paper I am also . It has engulfed and made a huge impacted on my life at different periods. At times I would be down and out I will listen to soft music and take a drive on windy roads in the woods. When my friends and I go out we will listen to anything from The Temptations to the newest rap and pop songs. In high school I use to play baseball. Every bus ride to the opponent’s field, I would listen to loud rock music and rap music. After thirty minutes of music, my adrenaline would be rushing and yet I would be relaxed at the same time. I would take infield practice and think of beats and lyrics in my head as caught the baseball. The beats and lyrics were so automatic that catching and fielding the baseball would become automatic too.
Another great time and place for music is when you are with a girl. The perfect songs will make her night wonderful. The classic Barry White songs set the ideal mood for the evening. I even made burned CD’s for my friends for when they needed to sweep a girl off their feet. We called them the “Softie CD’s”. At the same time these soft songs can turn into hell. If the girl stood you up, you will be listening to Usher alone wishing you had your hard rock CD. I listen to music whenever I can. I cannot go one day without listening to some sort of rhythm, beat, or song. The effects that music has had on my life are unimaginable. I think it will be interesting how music shapes out in the rest of my life.